New New Aragon Portfolio

Can you imagine the undiscovered—the unseen? Spirit? Prayer? Love, anger, or dark matter? The spaces between us and the known exist. What lies in that? Technologies such as radar, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and even 3D glasses allow us to see the previously unseen—and our natural senses, too, enable us to interpret the unspoken and the unseen. In an instant, you know if you’re loved or if anger is directed at you. My most recent work explores the spaces between what we know, what we sense, and what technology can reveal to us.

A portfolio of my work is featured in this section. These original works are not for sale, but they are available on mugs or as giclee prints on canvas and on deluxe greeting-card stock suitable for framing. If you are interested in original art, contact me for information about custom paintings.