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Frederick Aragón

Artist Statement:

Can you imagine the undiscovered—the unseen? Spirit? Prayer? Love, anger, or dark matter? The spaces between us and the known exist. What lies in that? Technologies such as radar, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and even 3D glasses allow us to see the previously unseen—and our natural senses, too, enable us to interpret the unspoken and the unseen. In an instant, you know if you’re loved or if anger is directed at you. My most recent work explores the spaces between what we know, what we sense, and what technology can reveal to us.

Biography: An expatriate of corporate America, Frederick Aragón is a designer, illustrator, animator, filmmaker, musician, songwriter, and actor. He has a background in graphic design, illustration, and animation, and for six years he worked for the largest educational software publisher in the U.S. Before that, he spent 15 years on the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, retiring as a conductor in 1989. During both careers, he maintained time for his fine art, creating striking paintings on canvas that have been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.


A popular personality in his hometown of Taos, New Mexico, Aragón was awarded the 2008 State of New Mexico Governor’s Cup/National Geographic All Roads Film Project grant for an animated film based on one of his original songs, “Mystery’s Night.”  In 2009, he received the State of New Mexico New Visions Award for another film based on another of his songs, “Dark Is My Light.”


Aragón has appeared in two films, “Taos: The Movie” and “Descansos,” as well as on the television program "Longmire.” As a musician, songwriter, and storyteller, he sees the world as ripe for interpretation—and believes that nowhere on Earth is more beautiful than the American Southwest. Its cultures, landscape, and history provide the inspiration for all his work.


He has received a commendation from the State of New Mexico for his contributions to representing the state in a tour of major cities of Texas; a "You Make a Difference" certificate from the Boys and Girls Club of Northern New Mexico; and an Honorary Ambassadorship from the Taos County Chamber of Commerce.


Online or in person, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art in Taos, New Mexico is the place for more original fine art from Frederick Aragón. 

Photo credit: Frederick Aragón


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