Collection: About Chris Burton

Chris Burton fell in love with the guitar at the age of 15, in Cartersville,

Georgia. At 16 he won a scholarship to receive classical guitar lessons at
Reinhardt College. While Chris chose not to be a student of the classical
repertoire, he became a student of music nonetheless. Music of all kinds.
In his 20s Chris spent time as resident artist at the Zenith Center of
Transformative Arts in Tucson Arizona. There, he honed his musical
skills and art.

Since then Chris has worked as a music instructor, a studio musician, and a live performer.

His 2017 collaboration with singer-songwriter Liz Painter resulted in a New Mexico Music Awards nomination for best song “Seabird” (written by Liz Painter). It can be found on her album “Perfect Girl."

“Frontiers,” Chris’s collaboration with esteemed musician and artist Frederick
Aragon, is a heartwarming collection of dreamy, eclectic, acoustic instrumentals
layered with Aragon's unique Native American flute.

Photo credit: Frederick Aragón

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